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Does Cortana's "Connected Home" work with Insteon hub?

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  • Does Cortana's "Connected Home" work with Insteon hub?

    I have the 2242-222 hub. Will that work with the Connected Home fasdf? Cortana SEES Insteon and says it is connected. Maybe I just don't know how to interact with a "Connected Home" device. How do you control it? I tried typing things like "Insteon, turn on "kitchen light", but it didn't recognize it. And I tried voice with "Hey Cortana, Insteon, turn on kitchen light". It didn't complain, but the light didn't go on. Am I missing something? (directions would help)

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    Cortana is a completely different protocol than Insteon. The systems are mutually exclusive, not unlike Mac'a and PC's. There are even more incompatible home automation systems such as C-Bus, UPB, Z-Wave and Zigbee to mention a few.
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      Not surprising Insteon isn't aware or understand Windows 10...
      However only available in the US region. I'd assume you just state, "Hey Cortana, turn off dining room light", where before you'd have to state the App name of Insteon too.


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        Here's some info that I've documented on using Cortana Connected Home with Insteon Hubs:

        1.) Cortana Connected Home is enabled with Insteon Hub model 2245-222, NOT 2242-222 or 2243-222.

        A.) The following Insteon Hub models are enabled to work with Cortana Connected Home:
        • Cortana Connected Home is enabled to work with Insteon Hub models which are certified to work with Amazon Alexa.
        • Insteon Hub model 2245-222 is enabled to work with Cortana Connected Home.
          • 2245-222 is also known as:
            • Hub2
            • Insteon Hub (2014)
          • 2245-222 is available either standalone, or as part of various Insteon starter kits which are certified to work with Amazon Alexa. Some examples are:
            • 2244-234
            • 2244-372
        • You will first need to configure the 2245-222 hub using the Insteon for Hub app, which is available via the Windows Store, IOS or Android.
        • Once you have your devices discovered on the Hub, you can connect to the Insteon service via Cortana Notebook -> Connected Home.
          • Under "Connected Home" select "Enable."
          • Connect to the Insteon service, loging in with your credentials
          • Cortana will then discover whatever devices have been previously discovered on the 2245-222 hub linked to your Insteon account.
          • To add new devices, first discover and configure them on the 2245-222 hub, then return to Cortana Notebook -> Connected Home, and Cortana will automatically perform device discovery again to check for new devices.

        B.) The following Insteon Hub models are NOT enabled to work with Cortana Connected Home:
        • Insteon Hub model 2242-222 is NOT enabled to work with Cortana Connected Home (or Amazon Alexa).
          • Cortana Connected Home will NOT inform you that the 2242-222 is not compatible, and will show the Insteon service as "Connected."
            • When initially attempting to connect using a 2242-222, Cortana will respond with "Something went wrong. Try again later."
            • However, after the initial "Try again later" message, the Insteon service will actually show as "Connected," and will perform period device discovery without generating any error messages.
            • However, Cortana will respond to any Insteon related commands with "There are no devices for me to control."
            • Note: The Amazon Alexa Insteon Skill discovers the 2242-222 in a disabled state, and provides a notice that the 2242-222 is not supported, and recommends updating to the 2245-222.
          • Model 2242-222 is also known as:
            • Insteon Hub (2012)
          • Model 2242-222 was sold standalone through around 2014 but was discontinued.
          • However, the 2242-222 is reported to be included with certain Insteon Starter Kits which are still being sold online, such as:
            • 2582-222
        • Insteon Hub model 2243-222 is designed for Apple HomeKit, and is NOT enabled to work with either Cortana or Alexa.
          • Model 2243-222 is also known as:
            • Insteon Hub Pro
            • Insteon Hub for HomeKit
            • Insteon Hub (HomeKit Enabled)

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          The 2242 Hub does not have the software inside to be able to connect to other cloud based API's, that's one of the reasons for the 2245 Hub. Not really a "not understanding" windows 10 issue.


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            Got the 2245-222 hub and it works with Cortana now.