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Europe users abandoned?

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  • Europe users abandoned?

    I'm still using Insteon in Europe but the lack of developements for EU market force me to change to a more modern, secure and supported system.
    I'm sorry because my election 4 years ago was based on the unique redundancy (PLC+RF) of Insteon thas has proved its value during these years but the world changes and SECURITY MUST BE A PRIORITY NOW and unfortunately the only HUB available in Europe has still the same in-security by dessign from many years ago.
    I'm a bit astonished to not read deep posts on this subject and on how to secure the access to your HOME thas is open to the world through the Hub, obviously if you want to remote control and update (well the European Hub has not been updated too much anyway)
    I thought after the Microsoft investment on Insteon this would be a global product, like Microsfot but it keeps mainly an USA oriented product.
    Good luck European Customers and take care your Hub doesn't appear on Shodan!