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Insteon App on Surface RT

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  • Insteon App on Surface RT

    I recently installed the Insteon Hub and cameras with my Android phone. Now I have installed the Insteon for hub app on my Surface and it sees the cameras, just won't connect. It runs and runs for hours and shows it is trying to connect, but doesn't. What am I missing?

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    Camera indor or outdoor? SD or HD? Windows App is not compatible with HD indoor CAM


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      Thank you for the reply. There are 5 HD indoor cameras and 3 HD outdoor cameras. I had the Surface RT to check email when I am a motorcycle trip and thought it would be handy to make sure my doggie-sitter is doing what I pay him for. I installed a couple Insteon apps from the Microsoft Store and neither worked. I'm glad I didn't pop for the $29.99 if the HD cameras won't work. My sister uses her iPad. Other than that, is there a tablet that I can buy and use?