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Insteon equivalent to the Wemo Maker?

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  • Insteon equivalent to the Wemo Maker?

    I using a couple of Wemo maker modules to open close my garage doors. They are crap, even more unreliable than my other Wemo plug in devices. I have several Insteon plug in switches and a couple of movement sensors and they are rock solid. Need something that will close a contact for maybe a second when activated to wind garage door up or down (just a single/same pulse for both directions). If it also has a option for a sensor like the Wemo Maker that would be better, but I could handle that with a separate insteon device. Any advise appreciated.

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    Insteon part # 74551. Garage door control and status kit.

    It is powerline only, no RF, so you may need to position a dual band device some where near it for control, depending on your current set up.