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  • hub 2242-222

    I recently purchased a used 2242-222 hub and I having some difficulty connecting it to my network. One of the things i noticed is that when I power on the hub the light on the ethernet port come immediately on, is this normal for this hub? The person said that he test the hub before shipping but I'm not sure if its defective or just my stupidity.

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    If you did not get the Full Users Manual for the 2242-222. It may give you some assistance.


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      The port lights are on even though its not connected


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        I am not a HUB user. Though I do have both a 2242-222R and 2245-222 HUB to see how they operate.

        I just powered up the 2242-222R. Both port Green and Yellow LED's stayed On for maybe ten seconds then both went off.
        Starting a short Green LED pulse then a slightly longer Yellow LED pulse.
        If you have not tried it yet. I would do the Factory Reset procedure in the full manual and see if it makes any difference.


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          If the previous owner did not reset the registration, then support will have to do it for you. You cannot do it yourself.
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