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Reverse fan direction for Fanlinc?

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  • Reverse fan direction for Fanlinc?

    Am I understanding correctly that there is no way to reverse the direction of a fan using Fanlinc? This seems like such a basic requirement that I hope I am missing something...

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    You are correct. The Fanlinc can only set the speed of a fan.
    Some folks have used the fans direction switch and then control the fans speed with the Fanlinc.

    It would be almost impossible to design a Fanlinc to do reversing. As there is no universal wiring to fan motors that all manufacturers would be using.
    Some of the latest fan designs use a DC Motor Control and the Fanlinc will not even work with that type fan.
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      Ok, guess I'll be taking the three fanlinc's I installed in our new house out and replacing them with the Minka-air remotes that came with the fans that will reverse. What a bummer...