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    Setup a keypad linc to control a few rooms' worth of lights and it works fine in isolation - turns lights on and off. Problem is the backlight on the button of the KPL doesn't update its status based on what's actually happened, only what it has done itself. I.e. If I've turned the lights in the room off with the switch in the room rather than the KPL, the backlight on the KPL stays on. Then, in order to use the KPL button, I need to press the button twice (once for it to turn off in the KPL - even though it is off already, and once more to turn on). Not really intuitive for real people..


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    In a sense, you're making a virtual 3way. Both devices need to be linked to each other as controllers (if you're using software). You have to make the KPL button a responder to your switch.


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      If you are using the Hub for setup, create a scene and add both the KeypadLinc button and the switch as *both* (both controller and responder to the scene). Then the Hub app should automatically 'cross-link' the button to the switch so that tapping either controls both.


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        Thanks.. changed the scene to both and any KPL scene that had only one switch works great. It didnt work with a scene which had 4 switches in it - in fact it linked all of the switches together so that each controls all, which isnt really what I want.
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          In that case, I misunderstood your intentions.

          In this second scenario, you have four switches? What do you want to happen if you tap switch A? What do you want to happen if you tap switch B? What do you want to happen if you tap switch C? What do you want to happen if you tap switch D? What do you want to happen if you tap the keypad button?

          If the answer to those five questions is "the same thing", then you can add all to a single scene as Both and be done.

          If the answer is different for each question, then you'll need to create multiple scenes. Each scene would have one device as Both and the other devices as Responder.