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Homekit and Insteon Hub Pro Question

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    Homekit and Insteon Hub Pro Question

    Background: I do not own the hub pro anymore but was considering trying it again. I initially bought the Hub Pro during the insteon per-order and subsequently returned it after having multiple issues connecting devices and errors in the app.

    1) On the insteon website it lists the devices that work with it and no battery operated sensors are listed (open/close, motion, water leak, etc). Does anyone know if this is a software issue with homekit support? Other companies have been releasing home-kit compatible sensors and I'm just wondering if insteon will be able to bring their products into that ecosystem.

    2) If using the hub pro, do you find yourself using the Insteon+ app to control everything or the Apple home app?

    3) Insteon's website mentions allowing control of third party devices within the Intsteon+ app, if they're home-kit compatible. Now that there are dozens of third party companies out that make home-kit enabled products has anyone linked them into the insteon app to control? What products have you used?

    4) Has anyone been able to try a home-kit enabled lock within the insteon app (kwikset premis)?
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    1. What's allowed is dictated by Apple. If and when Apple allows the Hub Pro to be compatible with Insteon battery powered devices, then SH will announce it, but not at all in advance.
    2. the Hub Pro requires the Insteon+ app.
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      1) I have a battery powered door lock. Requires no hub.
      2) I control with the Home app. I add Insteon devices with the insteon+ app
      3) I add third party devices with their mfg's app. They have allways appeared automatically in the Insteon+ app and the Home app.
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      4) Yes. My lock works perfectly in all apps.

      I see people still having issue with the hub pro. I have to wonder if they have updated their firmware. I have been with it since the bleeding edge and, frankly, in the begininng it was awful. I had to reboot it after adding each device. Since the last firmware update, and there have been some, most of my issues with adding devices are gone.

      One thing people have a problem with is the slowness of the Apple servers. Sometimes just waiting for 15-30 min. solves the problem. Device operation, however, works (almost) all the time very quickly.

      After months of reliable automation of scenes the automation, or schedule in the Insteon+ app no longer works. I have tried adding it back with the home app and the Insteon+ app but it will not work anymore.

      Other vendors sell battery powered motion detectors for HomeKit. If Smarthome won't step up to the plate I'll be a buyer.
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