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Availability issues for common Insteon products?

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    Availability issues for common Insteon products?

    Hi all,
    I've been using Insteon products for many years, both at home and at a community center for which I'm responsible, in each case having a fair number of devices controlled via an ISY system. I now need to add a number of new on-off switch modules to one of my installations, and can't find any available (let alone in my preferred color). Not only that, it appears that the basic dimmer switch is at this point only available in white. What's going on with availability? I'm hoping my systems are not becoming orphans, since I have a lot of time and money already invested in them. Neither SmartHome nor Amazon will even let me put in an order for future delivery.

    This is worldwide. The components used to make these smart products are getting really hard to find, so you can see multiple companies, even the big ones, running low on stock. In the dealer newsletter we were told that availability would be spotty through summer, with things going in and out of stock, but they did say the 2477S would be available around the beginning of March. As for colors, you might need to check out the color change kits if they are available in the color you are looking for.

    Good luck!