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    FanLinc Shim Project


    I have a FanLinc installed in my house and I really like it. But it is a bear trying to get the FanLinc to fit within the fan base (shroud). And if I place the FanLinc in the fan shroud, I no longer have access to the programing buttons and the LED status lights.

    So, I came up with a way to mount the FanLinc external to the fan shroud. Now I have access to the FanLinc. I've posted some pictures of my idea and will post more after I have it fully installed. Here's a link to the pictures:

    Insteon FanLinc Shim

    My FanLinc Shim is inserted between the fan base (shroud) and the ceiling and provides a path for the wiring between the FanLinc and the electrical box. The shim consists of 4 layers of laser cut MDF that is glued together and painted to match the ceiling color. The top and bottom layers are 1/8" MDF and the two middle layers are 1/4" MDF which makes the FanLinc Shim about 3/4" thick. Once the layers are glued together, I used a router bit to round the edge of the FanLinc Shim and give it a softer appearance. The fan mounting screws need to 3/4" longer to accomodate the FanLinc Shim and can be purchased at a local hardware store. But beyond that there are no other modifications required.

    The laser cutfiles are also available for anyone who wants to download them.
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    OK. The FanLinc Shim project is finished and installed. I think it turned out really well. I've added the final pictures here:

    Insteon FanLinc Shim

    One side benefit is that the FanLinc is better ventilated since it is running outside of the fan shroud so it runs cooler.

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