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Several devices stopped responding

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    Several devices stopped responding

    Hello everyone,

    I found that I suddenly have 4 devices (2 outlets & 2 dimmer switches) that no longer respond to either my hub or my USB controller/indigo.
    I've tried everything I can think of - turned breakers off & back on, factory reset etc. They simply won't communicate.

    Deleted one switch from Indigo and attempted to add auto clicker again - 'no response from device'. These devices all work manually fine, just no communication. Also, they're in different areas of the house.

    This stuff has been stable for a couple years - nothings changed. Frustrated!

    Thanks in advance
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    Older power line only or Dual Band modules?
    Are the LEDs on the modules normal, dim or out?
    If Dual Band. Can they communicate with others through their built in Communications/Beacon Test?
    Anything new or moved electronically?
    Since they are wired in. Not as easy as a plug in. Can you move one close to the controller. On a temporary AC cord and see if they can then communicate.


      470uF/35V capacitor sounds more like the older ones. As the universal power input ones use a switching power supply with a different circuit and capacitors . If the 470uF/35V is blown you most likely will also find a 30V Zener diode damaged and it supplies the lower voltage supplies in the module. I would try a replacement cap as they are not too expensive but expect it may not fix the issues.
      Update: Happy Wheels 3D.


        similar issue DQFanSurvey
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