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Fixing broken links in INSTEON devices

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    Fixing broken links in INSTEON devices

    I have had Insteon devices for more than 10 years. I now have around 35 devices in total. And I have had some issues for awhile now, and I'm thinking they are starting to interfere with things I want do to.

    On several lights switches, I notice that when I turn off a switch, after a few seconds, the switch LED's will blink red quite a few times. I've read this means I have broken links from devices I no longer have. Well, over the course of this 10+ years, there have sure been some failures of several switches, some failed Fanlincs, and I've had a total of three Insteon Hubs now.

    I have considered doing a whole house factory reset of all devices and starting from scratch. But I'm sure you can appreciate how difficult and tedious that would be!

    I have found some Python scripts on the internet that I would consider, except they are programmed to run on Linux, which I don't have.

    What other options do I have? I'm very surprised Insteon doesn't have something (like the old HouseLinc IIRC) that would discover broken links and help remove them, and otherwise clean up each device so that they perform optimally.

    In the end, I'm trying to get the openHAB software to work and I'm running into issues with the Insteon plug-in that I think may be related to my broken links.


    Couldn't agree more. I've been hoping for a cleanup tool like this for years. Anyone using more than a handful of Insteon devices over a longer period of time is going to end up with broken/half links which affect the network. It would be nice if a tool could be provided which would clean them up.


      Device and PLM/Hub link managemnt is definetly a Insteon system weakness. I have been using Insteon-Terminal in Ubunto Linux to edit and remove problem links. It's free and works well. I especially like Insteon-Terminal ability to list Device and PLM/Hub link databases.

      If you are running Windows 10 you can install the Linux Subsystem feature and then have the ability to install and use Insteon-Terminal from a Linux enviroment within Windows 10.


        Hello, I'm new here and in a very similar boat! It's been a few years now and I'm curious Gunn if you found any solutions? I only have 20 devices, but have added, removed, switched modems, and used three different software solutions over about 10 years. I'm now controlling everything through Home Assistant, and have been running into some irritating issues that Home Assistant's Insteon integration isn't really built to troubleshoot.

        I installed HouseLinc but it's seeming like it may not be any more helpful since I didn't start with it, and I may wind up going rlfromm's route of trying to resolve it using Linux command lines and scripts.


          Honestly. I have exactly the same problem. I needed email marketing software . And ran into the same problem as you. Only we have slightly different programs. I couldn't find the software anywhere. But you can look up the solution on youtube. I personally found by accident what I need a link. But I will give you a hint. You can install Insteon-Terminal. And I think that will work for you somehow.
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