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  • Light randomly turns on


    I've got Insteon micro modules behind all my switches - a mix of dimmers and on/off switches. They work great! Best of both worlds - custom visible physical switches and insteon brains to manage the whole thing. I have an ISY with a PLM to do fancy control. To give a sense of the numbers, there are 30ish light switches, 5 outlets, 5 door sensors, 8 window sensors, 3 motion sensors, a garage door sensor and 2 I/O modules (one controlling the garage, one that rings a chime when doors or windows open). Beyond the Insteon stuff, there are a few z-wave devices (not connected to the ISY) and wifi. The house has two subpanels coming from the main panel outside with 20ish breakers on one and 10ish on the other. There are insteon devices spread across both.

    The problem I have: there's one light (a hallway light that's got 3 switches controlling it) that turns on at random times. Most often when I notice it's the middle of the night (10pm or 2am or ...), but it also turns itself on during the day. It's not consistent, and there's no wayward program on the ISY causing it. I'd say it happens a few times each week.

    I don't even know where to begin diagnosing the problem. It's rare enough I never have my laptop open to try and catch it in the works (and even if I did I wouldn't know what to look for). I don't have a logger recording all traffic the ISY sees to try and backtrack what's causing it. I don't know what tools I would use to find out if there's noise on the wire (though the circuit that has this light has plenty of other lights that don't exhibit this behavior).

    Anybody have advice for me?



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    Factory reset the device just in case there is some errant programming from the factory during testing. Personally, I would leave it free from the ISY for a few days to ensure it didn't happen again. Once certain choose the restore option and add it back in.

    Regardless of whether you wait to add it back to the isy, a factory reset and restore would be your best bet


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      You can try to do factory reset. Else call an electrician.