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Several devices stopped responding

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  • Several devices stopped responding

    I found that I suddenly have 4 devices (2 outlets & 2 dimmer switches) that no longer respond to either my hub or my USB controller/indigo.
    I've tried everything I can think of - turned breakers off & back on, factory reset etc. They simply won't communicate. Deleted one switch from Indigo and attempted to add it again - 'no response from device'. These devices all work manually fine, just no communication. Also, they're in different areas of the house.
    This stuff has been stable for a couple years - nothings changed. Frustrated!
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    Are these legacy single-band modules? If so, check your access points (or whatever dual-band units you are using as a signal bridge between the two halves of your split-single phase electric service) to see if one has failed or was moved.

    If everything is dual-band, look for some source of active signal interference on the circuits where the PLM and Hub are plugged in.


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      If you do have 2443 Access Points. The hardware revision 2 versions. Are built on the same main board as the 2413S/U PLM. They have a reputation of failing after two years old.
      I had both of my 2443 Access Points fail. I did rebuild the power supplies in both of them and they are working again.