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  • assistance with flicker

    hoping you can help. We have a 3000 sq ft house that we DYI installed Insteon in 3 years ago. In general the system works ok but we do have flickering in almost every room and most recently our HUB failed and has to be replaced. We contacted Insteon and there are no certified installers even close to our home on the western side of Florida. I was hoping that you might know of an experienced techie or DYI "er that would be willing to come to our home on a project basis to assist us for a fee. As you can imagine we are committed to the system but are also very frustrated that we are dealing with these issues. If you don't know anyone but might have other users that you know live in the south east that might be interested please forward this message to them Thanks in advance.

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    Are you having this issue with dimmers, on/off devices, or both. Generally this issue is seen with dimmers controlling led bulbs. If this is so, try replacing your bulbs with a different brand as they aren't not created equally. I use the Philips warm glow bulbs without issues.

    While you may have other issues, this would be my first step as it could be the cheapest fix.


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      I am having the same issue. The only lights that flicker are on a non-insteon dimmer. I am using a Lutron (DVWCL-153PH-WH) C*L Dimmer and Philips 9.5w Warm Glow Dimmable LED bulbs. Any other suggestions on equipment to use? Would an Insteon dimmer help? I've avoided trying it because I have no need program or remotely control this particular switch and their a little pricey if I don't really need it.


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        Common issue with Lutron Maestro switches. They flicker on Insteon traffic or powerline noise in the same area where Insteon switches won’t flicker.


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          Lutron at one time don't know about now. Made a filter assembly to keep noise and automation signals out of their dimmer switches.


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            I put a 2477D in, and that did the trick.