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Insteon Dimmer Switch Ramp Speed

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  • Insteon Dimmer Switch Ramp Speed

    I'm trying to follow the manual on setting the ramp speed on a dimmer switch but I don't seem to get the same options.

    The manual says that holding the set button once goes into linking mode (flashing green), holding it a second time goes to unlinking mode (flashes red), holding it a third time is an unlabelled mode where you can set LED brightness (flashing green), and a forth time gets you to the mode where you can set ramp speed (flashes red). When I hold set the third time I seem to go back to normal mode with no flashing. The fourth hold goes back to linking mode (flashing green).

    How do I can set the ramp speed?
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    I’ve always set the ramp rate either via software (the Hub and the ISY can both program ramp rate settings), or by setting the level then double-tapping (not holding) the Set button.


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      I would also suggest trying the Set button method. If your modules are not the latest.
      The present online manual shows the Flow Chart method you are asking about.
      The older manuals show the Set Button double tap method.