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Differentiating between lights and other devices - google home

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  • Differentiating between lights and other devices - google home

    I have my setup working pretty well - I have several dimmers and on/off switches - I have them assigned to rooms and I've given them names. I've also associated my insteon account with google home - works very well.

    In my room called "office" I have three switches. Two control lights and one controls a ceiling fan. When I say "turn off the office lights" it turns off all three switches - including the ceiling fan. What can I do so that google home knows that switch is not controlling a "light"? That switch is labelled "ceiling fan".

    One thought I had was to assign the ceiling fan to a different room - I only have one ceiling fan in my house so if it is assigned a different unique room then the voice command "turn on/off the ceiling fan" will work. This seems messy and hacky though.

    Ideally Insteon would be able to pass on the device type somehow so that GH can use that as a hint.

    How do other people handle this?

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    Are you using a standard on/off insteon switcch to control your fan or a switch with the fanlinc? From your description, it sounds like you are using a standard insteon switch.

    If you are using a switch by itself to control the fan, I would expect the behavior that you are seeing since it is a light switch by design. Insteon would be passing along the correct device type since that is the type of device you are using.