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Insteon use with 2 power meters

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  • Insteon use with 2 power meters

    I am working on a new install and the property has 2 power sources with 2 separate meters from the power company. Will Insteon be able to bridge across the 2 sources?

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    Yes as long as devices on both services are within RF range of each other to bridge between the services.

    There is also a good chance it can still communicate between the two services if both meters are feed off the load side of the same transformer.


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      If you're using HUB (old) with PLM then you need to take this into account...adn below I give my fix for similar case (in EUROPE)
      Looks like Insteon forgot that PLM was the perfect redundant system for RF and this was my argument to rely all my installations on Insteon products and this redundancy: when RF has problems PLM will help and viceversa.
      BUT latest HUBs does not support PLM, just RF and then we lost this redundancy and the main argument to install Insteon against multiple competitors.

      So if you're using a new HUB with no PLM, you're using just RF and then the only problem is range: If you distribute your actuators in a good way, the mesh network is transparent for powermeters.

      BUT if you need PLM and/or using PLM supported HUB then you need the PLM signal get to the other powermeter network. In the US you have bridges but in Euro we don't so I fixed with this easy solution thas is still working, read a the end how I "bridged" my two flats each one with a power meter:


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        I will just add these comments to the above post.

        The hub is both Powerline and RF

        A PLM is a separate device to the hub that is also Powerline and RF

        The hub is not meant to support the PLM - these are separate products used in different use cases.


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          Hi Steve- Thanks for the info! It has been a long time since I have been in touch with you. I did some training with you years ago here in Atlanta.

          I am going to do some tests this week and see what happens. I have devices on each of the power sources within the same room so distance shouldn't be an issue.

          Thanks! Kevin R