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3 way switch replacement

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  • 3 way switch replacement

    I've searched for a similar situation here on the forums but it seems that most everyone's situation is unique enough that I cannot directly apply it with confidence so I don't inadvertently burn the house down!

    I have a 3 way switch operating 3 recessed lights (dimmable LED retrofits). I've attached diagrams of each switch, including the switch terminal colors to hopefully answer many (all?) of the common questions that responders ask. I have 2477D dimmer switches and also a 2474DWH 2-wire dimmer switch available. I could even 'cannibalize' a 2477S non-dimmable on/off switch that I plan on installing in a closet, if necessary, to use in this location.

    I've replaced 2 other 3 way switches with no issues, but those had neutral wires in both boxes. The lack of neutral wires in the box at the bottom of the stairs has me turning to all of you experts. Hopefully there is a way to wire this to operate as a 3 way switch with Insteon devices.

    Thanks in advance!
    Top of stairs Bottom of stairs

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    You maybe able to use one of the traveler wires between the boxes. To get the neutral from the box with it to the box without it.
    The full users manual has some examples in it. If you don't have it.

    The 2474DWH two wire type will not work in a multi-way setup and is made for incandescent bulbs only.