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Insteon Micro On/Off - Flood Light Motion Sensor - Tips/How it works?

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  • Insteon Micro On/Off - Flood Light Motion Sensor - Tips/How it works?

    I am almost done with my construction on my home and just installed the insteon switches. My electrician is about to put up flood lights that I will supply. I have been reading up on the various forums that it's possible to get a flood light with motion sensor that works both with the insteon switch (to turn on and off) and also so the flood light will be activated by motion when the insteon switch is in off mode through the use of a Micro On/Off. My guess is that the Micro On/Off is connected to the Motion sensor piece of the flood light so when the motion sensor triggers, it send a signal to the Micro On/Off which then triggers the Insteon Switch to the on mode. If someone has done this, what do you set up the Micro On/Off as (controller, responder, both?), any other settings you should apply? Also, what connections should be made from the motion sensor to the Micro On/Off? I appreciate any tips anyone can provide

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      Great, thank you so much!


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        I’m a little confused - why can’t I just put a Line Linc or MicroModule in the switch box to replace the switch.

        What he’s doing seems very complicated.


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          You can. If you do that, you can use the module to disable or enable the motion sensor light only.

          By following the above procedure, you get additional features. Since the motion sensor is then controlling the module, you can control a scene or get notifications on motion, or (using an ISY or the free Stringify service) trigger other events or counters or limit notifications. You can also turn on the light when there’s no motion detected.