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    Do you think there will ever be reverse control of Alexa? We can tell Alexa to control many insteon devices, but what if we could control Alexa with Insteon? Like set a Insteon button to run a routine? Another example would be to have a multi-button keypad and be able to set a button tell alexa to play a certain channel on Sonos or Amazon music on x device or devices. Or set buttons to control volume. It would almost be like Sonos.

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    Insteon works with Sonos so you wouldn't need Alexa to be part of that. This is something that can be accomplished now.

    In regards to music from your echo, it would be nice but it also defeats the reason for voice control (hands free). That would be something Amazon would need to build into the API. It's worth writing them about it.


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      Now that the echo plus is marketed as a smarthome hub and Alexa has added routines the possibility would be endless. Since an Alexa routine can handle multiple smarthome protocols (insteon, wemo, phillips, smarthings, echobee, nest, zwave,leviton and on on on on. Like you said though this all works through voice but I can see situations where you may want to activate the routines through a keypad. I suppose if Amazon saw this as a feature they would just make there own keypad but the beauty of the Insteon is that you can put it in place of an exsisting switch with the 2487S or similar keypads.


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        Amazon's API would need to support that capability. Alexa wasnt designed for insteon. It was designed to work with with multiple things.

        Outside of triggering the Alexa itself, insteon keypads can already do everything else you've stated.

        Don't get me wrong, I see your point. I'm just saying it's not up to Insteon.
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