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2444-422 and scene configuration

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    2444-422 and scene configuration

    I’m a newbie with insteon devices.
    Can anyone tell me if i can configure a scene with 2444-422 that opens a blinds percentage?
    I’ve tried but the blinds only opens or close 100%.

    The 2444-x22 was originally designed as open or close, nothing in between. When Insteon put out its 2014 Insteon for Hub application, the android app allowed you to set open % while the iOS version did not. In a later app update, Insteon did allow the iOS app to set % in the scenes for the motor module. I checked today on my iOS phone and I can still do that.

    Create a scene -> make sure the micro module is selected -> tap Next-> and then tap the green button that says ".01s On" On the next screen, the "On Level" is the open %.

    That being said, there is no mechanism in the motor module to measure the opening/closing of the blinds. I have seen, on multiple occasions, when a partial opening is set, the motor module can become locked up, requiring a power cycle, and then it functions normally for a few days, until the lock up happens again.


      Hi Sean. Thanks for your help.
      I’ve attached a picture with my scene configuration. I think it’s compliant with your instructions, but it doesn’t work as expected.
      The strange thing is that those same blinds worked correctly with an deprecated x10 device, that i have replaced with this insteon micro module.
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        Agreed. That looks correct.

        X10 isn't Insteon so I'm not sure how strange that is. Also, as I mentioned, the module wasn't designed for this so its probably better that you do not force it..

        Personally, if the X10 device works I would stick with that. If its not broken don't fix it...right

        Since you are doing things as Insteon has instructed I think its a safe bet to say that this wont work. Maybe because its an EU product, but its hard to say.