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Adding Micro Module Behind Dimmer

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  • Adding Micro Module Behind Dimmer

    I am not a fan of the Insteon Dimmer Switches with the push to hold to dim or brighten. The dimmer switches we have utilize a slider to dim and brighten and then a regular switch to turn them on and off. I purchased a Micro Dimmer Module, only because the on/off micro modules were out of stock, to put behind the dimmer switch I have.

    My goal is this:

    I want to be able to turn the lights on and off using the Insteon App or Alexa and I also want to turn them on and off using the switch itself. I also want to be able to dim the lights using the switch also. Dimming with the micro module isn't needed but if it would work great. I understand though that if I have my physical dimmer switch dimmed to 50% that if the dimmer module is at 100% then really it can only go as bright as what the physical switch is.

    I have tried to wire in the micro module a few different ways but without much success. My dimmer switch has an extra wire in case it were in a 3-way setup. I tried this as well as if it went line - dimmer switch - micro module - load and it still didn't work.

    Any suggestions or is this just not possible at all?


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    Not possible.