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Fan Linc and loud Lum on high

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  • Fan Linc and loud Lum on high

    I have a Fanlinc wired to a Hunter ceiling fan. The ceiling fan does not have any pullchains. Instead if came with an IR controller. I replaced the IR controller with a Fanlinc. It worked great for about a year.

    After a year, now I get a loud hum whenever I call for Fan High. Low and Medium work fine. If I select High, I get a loud hum and the fan stops turning.

    I believe this is a premature burn-out of some of the motor windings, but I am not an expert. My question is is if it's possible this is related to replacing the IR controller with the Fanlinc. Has anyone else had such a problem?


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    ‚ÄčI have not had this issue (yet) but thanks for the "heads up", since I have what sounds like the same fan and was considering the same "upgrade" that you have already done. I think I may consider upgrading the fan to a non-IR version when I upgrade to a Fanlinc device as well.


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      zimbrich, which fan do you have that is IR controlled?
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