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Fanlinc - Fan Does Not Turn Off

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  • Fanlinc - Fan Does Not Turn Off

    I'm not sure what's happened with the newer Dual-Band FanLinc 2475F FV 45. I never had any problems with my previous Fanlinc (that I know of). However, it failed and had to be replaced. There is apparently a software flaw in the newer versions of Fanlinc which in certain situations prevents it from being turned off. Feedback status reports it is off (through Homeseer), but it continues to run. I am controlling the Dual-Band FanLinc 2475F FV 45 with a Dual-Band Keypadlinc V2 Dimmer FV 41, and now a second Dual-Band FanLinc 2475F FV 45 on another fan being controlled with a Dual-Band Keypadlinc Dimmer 2334-232 FV 45. The same problem exists in each setup with the Fanlinc. Here is the scenario: If you turn on the Fanlinc fan and then turn if off by any means, either through software or through the Keypadlinc, within approximately two seconds of it being turned on, then it stays on. You can send as many off commands as you wish, but it will continue to run. The only way to get it to turn off is to turn if back on, wait two seconds, and then turn if back off. What is even worse is that the Fanlinc responds to a double -tap. Therefore, if you tap the off key on the Keypad fast trying to turn if off it will instead go full speed. In fact, if you double-tap any of the keys linked to the Fanlinc for low, medium, high or off, it will go full speed (you can get around the double-tap for off on the V2 Keypadlinc by programming it as an always-off button, but always-off buttons were eliminated on newer Keypadlincs. This is true even though the literature says otherwise). It doesn't make any sense to me why the Fanlinc responds to double-taps. There should at least be a way to disable double-taps in software, or in the Keypadlinc.

    I've thought of many ways to play man-in-the-middle with software and filter out the double-taps. I could even add timers to force a two second on prior to any off command. The big question is why should I have to? Logic says it should work like any other fan controllers; off is off, and on is on. Right?. Am I the only one having this problem?

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    What wire is wired to the fan?


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      Red wire to fan. Capped off the blue. Running the light direct off of the kepadlinc. Fan runs smooth and quite at all three speeds.