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Ceiling fan lights don’t work with FanLinc

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  • Ceiling fan lights don’t work with FanLinc

    I’ve had Insteon switches and outlets in my house for going on 4 years. This weekend I finally got around to wiring up one of the FanLinc and 6-button keypad combinations that I bought during the Black Friday sale.

    I have FanLinc wired into the full-time line and neutral wires in the ceiling fan box (not using the “load” wire from the wall switch location) and the scenes set up for the off/low/medium/high buttons on the keypad. All fan operations work correctly. However, when I try to turn the light on, the bulbs in the fan’s light kit flash on and back off and both LEDs on the FanLinc go out for a second or two before coming back with the Light LED being red. So, it sounds like the unit is rebooting (power cycling, whatever term you’d like).

    Now, if I pull the chain on the light fixture to turn place the light kit in the off position and then press the Light button on the FanLinc, the Light LED changes to green and the FanLinc doesn’t reboot. I bought 3 FanLinc and keypad combos on Black Friday and have installed 2 of them in this same fan with both exhibiting the same behavior.

    I have 5w dimmable LED bulbs (3x) in the light kit on the fan.

    I previously had a wireless remote installed like you can get at Lowe’s or Home Depot that wires into the switch box and all worked perfectly with that one.

    Any thoughts on what is going on would be appreciated.

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    Can you as a test. Replace the LED bulbs with incandescent ones and see if it makes a difference.
    It could be the LED bulbs are not compatible or generating noise. Effecting the FanLinc's light control.


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      Incandescent is going to be difficult. We haven't had an incandescent bulb in the house in several years. The light fixture uses candelabra base bulbs. I had a CFL here that I tried (although the packaging on the FanLinc said they weren't supported) and it exhibited the same behavior. I also bought completely new dimmable LED bulbs yesterday and put those in. The original LED bulbs were 5.5w and the new ones are 7w. The new ones don't even flash although the FanLinc still reboots itself.


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        Also having fan-linc issues.. I first installed the unit and all the Lights kept blinking. There are 4 dimming led bulbs in the fan, if i unscrew one bulb, it works correctly.. has worked like for a few weeks. Well the other day, when you try to turn off the lights, it turns back on after blinking a few times... We have to fight it in order to get the lights to stay off. So i unscrewed another bulb, now it's been working for a few days. Weird issue.