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  • Insteon 2475F Fanlink

    I have two of the 2475F fanlinks. Both power on with the hot wire & neutral wire connected.

    One (Module A) has output power to the light & not to the fan when the set buttons are on. I can turn the light on & off. The fan is set to high so the module can control the fan speed.

    The other module (Module B) always has power on to the light & fan even when the set buttons are off. I have factory reset both several times & this has not fixed the problem.

    Is there a way I can get them to work. Both are new & have never been installed before?

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    For safety reasons, the fan will not turn on using the set button. Link a controller to the FanLinc and use the controller to operate the fan.
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      As Stuyvesant stated, that is a safety feature that is built in. The fan set buttons are only for linking. Only a linked device can control the fanlinc.
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