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  • Insteon Switch ticking

    Hi there, suddenly my wall switch has stopped working.
    I tried to reset it, but it doesn't reset! instead, the indication led blinks slowly while pressing the reset button.
    I tried to air gab it, didn't work.
    I tried to disconnect the power from the main panel. also didn't work.
    then the switch started to tick... like a clock!!! tick ......tick.....
    I tested all power lines and all seems to be ok! showing 120v. regular neutral and ground.
    I replaced the switch with a conventional one, and the lights worked just fine!

    so did my switch just gone bad? or is there something I can do to fix it?

    P.S. the switch also disappeared from the Insteon app when this happened.

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    What specifically did you do to factory reset the device? What were the results--in detail (e.g., beep, double-beep, long beep)?
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      How old is it and what is the model number?

      If the Factory Reset was properly done and power cycling didn't fix it.
      It most likely failed.