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does hub have capability to count down "on" time

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  • does hub have capability to count down "on" time

    trying to find out how to set up a off/on switch with insteon hub so that person can turn on the light and it will turn itself off after a predetermined time (3 mins) .
    i realize that i can do this with a motion sensor, but this is not really a good option.

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    Duplicate. Check your other post


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      Check out STRINGIFY. Works well with INSTEON. I use it for all sorts of if-then stuff I can’t do with either my hubs or HL. You can even include non Insteon devices. As an example, using Stringify I have my garage door open when SmartThings senses my iPhone has returned home ( I am near the driveway). I also use Stringify to send me an email if the front door has been left open more than 5 minutes.
      Charlie O. iPhone X / iPad Pro 178 Insteon devices and growing