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Insteon Wall Dimmers Keep Locking up

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  • Insteon Wall Dimmers Keep Locking up

    I recently purchased 8 Insteon Wall Dimmers (2466SW) and three of them frequently lock-up. All of them are connected directly to the light (i.e. are not 3-way switches). At least once a week, the dimmer is unresponsive and I have to pull the reset button and "reboot" the dimmer.

    I have about 25 insteon devices (wall dimmers, wall switches, wall keypadlincs, and lamplincs) and only the new ones lock up.

    The WAF is starting to plunge and I am frankly getting tired of walking around the house with a screw-driver ready to pull the air-gap switch.

    My initial thought is that these are faulty switches and should be replaced via warranty. Any suggestions?


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    The 2466SW is an On/Off toggle switch. It's not a dimmer.
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      What kind of bulbs are you using with them? With the same exact thing happening to multiple devices, I would assume environmental factors such as bulbs or wiring