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Is there a way to diagnose neutral line issues caused by Insteon switches?

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    Is there a way to diagnose neutral line issues caused by Insteon switches?

    I have a problem with lights in our house briefly dimming for a year. Occurs randomly. Occurs any time of day. Some days worse than others. Occurs in every single room in our house. This seems to be getting worse, and today I am noticing a powered devices (a stereo receiver, a NAS connected to a UPS) click on/off at the same time the lights dim. And, a speaker that is near a power line is starting to make a 'click' randomly (for a year, never did this, only started recently)

    I've had the power company check our outside lines. I've had an electrician look at our inside panel. They say they find no problems. I have not noticed a correlation with the HVAC being on or off when this happens, so I "think" that's not it.

    Something the power company guy said caught my attention. Something about problems on a neutral line can cause this?

    I have >50 Insteon dimmer and on/off switches in the house. Using an ISY and using Homebridge on a Raspberry Pi to connect to Homekit.

    Without taking every single Insteon switch out (which I'm thinking I may have to do to really be sure..) is there a way to troubleshoot a problem that could be related to this?

    Thank you.
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    Did this happen before you installed Insteon?
    Does the brief dimming happen when Insteon Messages are being sent onto the power lines?
    What you describe can also be a bad Neutral connection in the power companies feed or in a poor connection inside the breaker panel or meter enclosure.
    Insteon signals should not be high enough to effect things like a stereo.
    You may want to call an electrician or the power company to go to your home and actually do tests.
    An Open or Poor Neutral connection can cause an imbalance in the homes wiring and some devises may see low voltage and other a high voltage.


      Remove the old switch and disconnect the wires. If your box lacks neutral wires, stop and contact support. MyCCPay Login