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Outlet reports On when it's not

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  • Outlet reports On when it's not

    I'm using an ISY994i and have a program that turns on both outlets in a 2663-222 located outside in a water-proof box to control a fountain pump. The program turns on both outets at 700a each day ... the problem is the pump has failed to come on about 3 times in the past couple of months. When I open the ISY application the status always shows On for both outlets. If I click On in the app the pump will come on. I thought Insteon was essentially fail-safe with its two-way response system. For the time being I modified the program to Wait 2 secs and send On again.

    Right now this unit is not as reliable as the X10 unit I used for many years. What's up?

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    Scenes are not acknowledged. Just direct commands.
    If you have poor communications. It is possible the ISY994i thinks it is On as that is what the scene was supposed to do.
    Have you tried asking in the UDI Forums? They may have added assistance there.


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      Like BLH, I suspect the problem may be related to signal interference and the way your program is written. If a) interference is requiring signals to take a longer, more roundabout route, with multiple repeaters involved; and b) you are sending multiple, 'stacked' device messages; then the second message may be thwarting Insteon's error-correction on the first.

      One way to avoid that is to add both outlets to a scene, thereby allowing you to send *one* scene on message instead of multiple, back-to-back device on commands. A second option is to add a 'wait 2 seconds' action between any Insteon command transmissions to allow any necessary error correction messages to work through your network.