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How do you schedule both outlets on the 2663-222 with Insteon Hub 2245 and iOS App

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  • How do you schedule both outlets on the 2663-222 with Insteon Hub 2245 and iOS App

    The iOS Insteon for Hub app recognizes the 2263-22 Dual Control outlet using the Insteon Hub 2 (2245) and allows me to manually turn each outlet on and off individually. However I have not figured out how to schedule each output separately. Does anyone know if or how this can be done?

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    Create a scene. Add the second outlet as a responder to the scene. Then you can schedule the scene to turn on or off.


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      I've now set a scene that turns my fountain on at sunrise and another scene that turns the fountain off at sunset and turns the landscape lights on. The Sunrise scene works, but the Sunset scene turns the fountain off but does NOT turn on the lights. In fact if I set another scene using the time of day that just happens to coincide with sunset, the lights will not turn on. Is there a requirement that two events be separated by a fixed delay, i.e, does the Hub not have the ability to queue two simultaneous events?


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        I would expect that sunset scene should be able to do what you want.

        If you go to Settings, Scenes, and tap on the Sunrise scene, is the Off time blank? It should be to operate as you describe.

        If you go to the Sunset scene, is the scene set to turn ON at sunset, and the off time blank? Are both outlets responders of the scene? Is the fountain outlet response Off and the landscape outlet response On?


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          I had the Sunset scene turn off at sunset rather than turn on at sunset. I corrected that and tried the scenes manually. The seem to work now. This evening will be the true test.

          Thanks for your help.