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Configuring both outlets in Alexa App

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    Configuring both outlets in Alexa App

    Hey Guys. I just swapped out a Wemo plug switch with splitter to control 2 table lamps simultaneously with an On/Off outlet. I haven't been able to get the Alexa app to see both sides of the outlet.
    I have both the new and old app on my Ipad for configuring the outlet. The new app seem much better and faster in controlling the unit. But is the new App tied to the Alexa skill yet. When I discover devices it only finds one outlet.
    Ive only configured one side of the outlet in the INSTEON app, but in the new app it asked me to name both outlets, and it does control both. But the old INSTEON app only sees 1 side.
    Is there a way to link both outlets to one name?

    The Alexa skill is not tied to any app. The skill accesses and controls the hub via your Insteon cloud account (which maintains a cloud-based list of devices), just like the apps do.
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