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App not triggering associated keypad scenes

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  • App not triggering associated keypad scenes

    I have an on/off keypad in which each of the buttons other than the load controls a device (such as a micro on/off hooked up to a light). This works fine. However, when I try to control the keypad from the iOS app, it does not do what I expect: tapping the virtual button in the app turns the button led on or off, but the associated device is unaffected. Only the keypad load button works as expected. What am I missing?

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    You have to control the scene itself not the kpl button.


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      The app won’t know about any scenes you create manually via Set button taps. Make sure you use the app to build the scenes, adding the keypad buttons as either Controller or, more typically, Both (Controller and Responder).

      After you do that, go to the Scenes page of the app to test that they operate as expected. Once you have your scenes created in the app, you can choose to add those scenes to appear in favorites and any other room you want.


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        Sigh. One of the buttons controls an X10 device; I was hoping that I could use the keypad as a relay, because the hub (and hence the app) does not support X10.


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          No work around for that. The discontinued 2242 hub allows for X10 control. You could always pick that one up for your X10 devices