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  • Ramp rates

    3 keypads 2334-2
    2 dimmers 2477D

    linked dimmers to buttons A and B
    set the ramp rate on dimmers
    got everything cross linked so all of keypads, button A led, actually shows the condition of the first dimmer.

    I set set the ramp rate on the dimmers and when locally controlled they ramp up and down
    But when using a keypad button they jump to the new level. How do set the ramp rate for a keypad button?
    Individualy would be fantastic, but always moving at one ramp would work


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    Unique ramp rates are saved for each INSTEON scene, seperate from the local control on Level and ramp rate. If you are using a Hub, you can use the phone software to adjust ramp rates in the scene settings, but if you are manually linking you have to follow the same procedure for each button linked as a controller for that scene and each responder:

    Tap the keypad button to select it, hold it down for 10 seconds to enter linking mode, then tap it to enter multi-linking mode. That starts a 4 minute timer to complete the work.

    At the first dimmer, set the On Level, single-tap to save, then set the ramp rate and double-tap. Then hold down the Set button for 4 seconds to save that link, including On Level and Ramp Rate, to that keypad button. Repeat for any other dimmers in the scene within that 4 minute timer.

    Tap the keypad button to exit Mulit-link mode, then tap on and off to confirm settings.
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