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Dimmer Keypad, Fanlinc and Hub Pro

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  • Dimmer Keypad, Fanlinc and Hub Pro

    I currently have a Fanlinc and Hub Pro. I can control the fan speed and lights through the in iOS (Apple HomeKit). I would like to install a 6-button keypad to control the fan functions from the wall (in addition to

    Is the 6-button keypad the right tool for the job? Will it work with Apple HomeKit? I see on the Insteon website that the Hub Pro (and assuming therefore can only control the load. My intended lay-out would be having the load wire capped on the keypad.

    If the keypad is able to control the fan functions, will their status be visible in Or vise versa, if I change a a function from the (fan speed for instance) will the correct speed be indicated on the keypad?

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    HomeKit doesn't currently support the KeypadLinc. As a result, you would have to tap-link (or use another model 2245 Hub) the keypad buttons to various fan modes, HomeKit wouldn't display any fan mode changes you made using the keypad, and any actions you took using a HomeKit app wouldn't change the keypad display.