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    KeyPadLinc and FanLinc Help

    Hello All,

    I have a FanLinc Unit tied in parallel to a 6 button KeyPadLinc (with nothing on the load). I did this so that i can used the KPL to control the FL. The reason they are in parallel is that i don't want to lose power to the FL.

    I set everything up in scenes and they mostly work correctly. All the fan control scenes (A-D) work properly. I also created a scene to control the light from the "main" (On/Off) buttons. Everything works correctly when physically pushing the buttons, but not in the App. If i go into the app and try to use the main buttons to control the light on the fan, the KPL switches to on but the FL light control doesn't turn on.

    Any advice on this or am i just Stuck?

    Just for system information. I am using HUB2.


    Do you have the main button in the scene defined as "Both?"
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      Hi, I realize I'm reviving an old thread but I have exactly the same setup and issue.
      I have tried setting the main button scene to both but it doesn't make any difference.
      I'm also wondering if I could have a defective KPL. I bought it used from Ebay and I did have one difficulty during initial setup. I have an Insteon on/off switch that controls my front porch light in the same electrical box as the KPL. The porch light switch is part of a scene that controls my exterior lights.
      When I received the KPL, I wired it in and then air gapped to make sure no previous setup parameters remained. I then setup the KPL to work with the fanlinc. At first all functions worked correctly from the physical switch and the Insteon app for iOs. However, I quickly noticed whenever I turned the fanlinc light off using the app my porch light would also turn off even though both switches are on completely different scenes. I tried reprogramming the KPL but every single time it would overwrite the settings of the front porch light switch.
      I air gapped both switches then left the front porch switch air gapped while I reprogrammed the KPL again. Now I'm at the point of the original authors issues. KPL functions perfectly from the physical switch but not from the app. Using the app the main button will toggle from off to on or on to off but does not trigger the fanlinc to turn the lights on or off.