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Debugging An Insteon 2334 Controller

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    Debugging An Insteon 2334 Controller

    Trying to debug a scene that's not working.

    My setup:

    1. Insteon 2334 6 button keypad at the top of the stairs. Primary load on this switch is *most* of the lights in the basement.
    2. Two on-off modules (2635) hooked up to free-standing torch lamps in other parts of the basement.

    Goal is to slave the 2635s to the main load so that whenever I turn on the main lights at the keypad, the other two modules toggle. (Use exactly this setup a few other places in the house, no problems)

    Created a "Basement" scene with the following devices (using iOS app through my
    1. 2334 main button as both controller and responder, 0.1s on
    2. Both 2635s as responders.

    Scene gets created without errors, and I can toggle it from the iOS app without issues.

    But the 2635s don't respond when I use the main buttons on the 2334.

    Whenever I operate the 2334, there's an LED light sequence I can't find documented:

    1. First, the status LED comes on white.
    2. It blinks green once
    3. It then goes white again, and stays on for several minutes.

    I'm suspecting the problem is the 2334. Any ideas?

    I ended up getting a replacement 2334 and installing it, and the replacement is working flawlessly. So I suspect the original 2334 was buggy, and I'm returning it.


      Many Insteon users. Have found doing a Factory Reset on all new modules. Can help with unexpected happenings. Seems some have shipped with test links in them and not removed before shipping.


        Good advice. But I had definitely done a reset on it.