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Using multiple keypads to control one device

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  • Using multiple keypads to control one device

    I am currently using 3 keypads in my bedroom. 1 central wall mounted by the door; and 2 keypads - 1 on each side of the bed. A button on the central wall mounted keypad activates a scene that turns on BOTH bedside lamps at once. A button on the keypad on the right side of the bed controls the right bedside lamp and likewise a keypad on the left side of the bed controls the left bedside lamp. When the lamps are activated by the central keypad: it takes 2 button pushes on either bedside keypad to control the specific beside lamp. Is there a work around?

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    If you are using KeypadLincs, then you need three scenes so all will stay coordinated. You can use the Hub to do that. The first scene would have the middle keypadlinc button as both controller/responder and the right and left lamp buttons on the side keypads as responders; the second scene would have the left keypad button as both controller/responder and the center keypad as responder; and the third scene would have the right keypad as both controller/responder and the center keypad as responder.

    If you are using Mini Remotes in 8 scene mode, the answer is no—they can’t be linked as responders, so they just alternate between sending On and Off for each button tap.

    If you reprogram Mini Remotes to 4 scene mode, then you can have dedicated on and off buttons for each of the 4 scenes.
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      Thankyou much that issue solved I now have a new issue with scheduling scenes

      Scene misfires
      Limitation: Due to the limited timing options available i.e. only 1 set time (7:00 am or dawn / dusk) can be used in any scenes programmed.
      Work around: I have set various scenes I want activated early in the morning while still dark (kitchen low lights) or during the day (family room background soffit lighting) or early evening as it gets dark (living room medium lighting) to be activated at specific times, i.e. on at 7:01 pm off at 10:30 PM for the family room and on at 7:02pm off at 11:00pm for another, etc. Always using different times.
      Problem: As I add more devise (current count 72) I am incorporating those into the scenes and perhaps reassigning some devices from one scene to another scene as appropriate – I find that some reassigned or new devices do NOT activate on the timed events - even though I have entered them into the scene. More puzzling when activating the scene manually from the android app they do go on BUT NOT when left to the scene timing schedule. I have factory reset some of the switches and that alleviated some of the issues with the reassigned switches but not the revised schedule timing issue with the existing switches in the scene.
      Any thoughts?