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Insteon should be able to do this

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  • Insteon should be able to do this

    So I want to be able to install a smart light switch that controls both my light and my fan. With buttons to increase the brightness of the dimming bulbs and buttons to change the speed of the fan.

    Is there any way to reprogram the scene buttons so that they increase or decrease brightness?

    What I'd like is to use a 6 button keypad, and have the two left buttons adjust brightness and the two right buttons adjust fan speed up and down, with the main on and off buttons turning the light to full on or full off.

    I know that I'd need a fan controller but would something like this be possible?

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    The way you describe your smart light switch how do you turn the fan on and off? A scene can be programmed to turn on at a specific brightness. I believe if a button is associated to a scene, that is all it would do. If the button was associated to the light, then holding the button dims the light. I don't think the fanlinc responder will allow gradual increase/decrease of fan speed, just the simulation of the 3 speeds the pull chain would give you.

    Using a 6 button switch to operate the fanlinc responder can be set up this way: The main on/off buttons turn the light on and off AND dim the light. The 4 buttons would be for fan speeds high, med, low and off. The fanlinc responder is connected to a constantly live circuit. The 6 way switch controls the light and fan virtually, i.e. the Insteon magic. The 6 way switch can be configured multiple ways. Since the fanlinc responder is operated virtually using an app can also be used. For instance on the Android the virtual switch for the fanlinc responder looks like the 6 way switch.
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      You would need a keyoadlinc and fanlinc. Connect the fanlinc to your fan and it will allow you to control the different fan speeds and light from a kpl.


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        Agree with RP Salty on how Insteon traditionally approaches this.

        To do this as originally described you will need an ISY-994i controller so you can set up the buttons to increase/decrease the fan speed with each button tap as well as set up a preset bright/dim % increase/decrease level for the other two buttons. There will be some variable programming so you will want to head over to the UDI forums for specifics if it has to be done that way.