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Keypad Button show status of (2) switches?

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    Keypad Button show status of (2) switches?

    I currently have a 6-button keypad with Button C setup in toggle mode controlling (2) 2477D switches. Button C is set up as controller/responder, and each of the switches are set up as responder. The switches are in both of my kids rooms (Rooms 1&2), and these switches often receive local control (kids turning the lights on/off). I am currently using a Hub and the iOS app.

    Is it possible for Keypad Button C to show/monitor the status of either room light? I.e. if either of the lights are on, the button will be lighted, so that I can know status and control from the keypad as needed.

    Currently the behavior is a bit strange, it appears that the Keypad Button C is only showing status for one of the rooms (Room 1).

    I wasn't sure if this configuration would work, but generally expected that Button C would respond to the last local button press. I.e. if both rooms are on, and Room 1 is turned off, Button C would turn off (also not ideal, as lights in Room 2 are on). I do NOT want the room switches to control each other.

    I'm kinda guessing this is a 'conditional' situation that requires an ISY or similar, but wanted to see if maybe I'm missing something.

    Thanks for any advice given!

    Originally posted by Steveo369 View Post
    I'm kinda guessing this is a 'conditional' situation that requires an ISY or similar
    Yes, exactly.