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Wiring a Keypad with Cat5

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  • Wiring a Keypad with Cat5

    Hi Everyone,

    New to the insteon world -- am choosing it because of scalability / reliability with the dual mesh network, and the ability to use keypads with the changable buttons.

    Beyond lighting, we're looking to use it to replace a very aged russound multi room speaker system, likely using a Sonos source -- but if anyone has alternative recommendations, would love to hear them.

    The current russound system has 1 central amp, with 4 pairs of speaker wires coming out of it, and a central controller that picks the source. Each room has an switchplate keypad (connected to the central controller over cat5) that allows source selection, and a rotary volume knob connected via the speaker wire.

    Based on my understanding, an insteon keypad could replace both of these items. However, how would I wire it given that I only have cat5 running to these locations?

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    Will not work.
    The Insteon Keypad is 120 Volts AC with a dimmer or on/off output. Not signals back to the central controller on CAT5 cables.


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      Would there be a way to power an insteon Keypad over cat5, then plug into the wall where the central controller was?


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        No. Putting 120 Volts on CAT5 is against the Electrical Code. Asking for shocks, sparks and possibly a fire.


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          You should really look into a newer Russound or Niles system if keypads are a key factor - for more than a couple locations you'll save a lot of money over going with Sonos.

          Alternatively, an iPod touch will run from PoE with an adapter, so you could use those in leiu of keypads.