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Wiring a Keypad with Cat5

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    Wiring a Keypad with Cat5

    Hi Everyone,

    New to the insteon world -- am choosing it because of scalability / reliability with the dual mesh network, and the ability to use keypads with the changable buttons.

    Beyond lighting, we're looking to use it to replace a very aged russound multi room speaker system, likely using a Sonos source -- but if anyone has alternative recommendations, would love to hear them.

    The current russound system has 1 central amp, with 4 pairs of speaker wires coming out of it, and a central controller that picks the source. Each room has an switchplate keypad (connected to the central controller over cat5) that allows source selection, and a rotary volume knob connected via the speaker wire.

    Based on my understanding, an insteon keypad could replace both of these items. However, how would I wire it given that I only have cat5 running to these locations?

    Will not work.
    The Insteon Keypad is 120 Volts AC with a dimmer or on/off output. Not signals back to the central controller on CAT5 cables.


      Would there be a way to power an insteon Keypad over cat5, then plug into the wall where the central controller was?


        No. Putting 120 Volts on CAT5 is against the Electrical Code. Asking for shocks, sparks and possibly a fire.


          You should really look into a newer Russound or Niles system if keypads are a key factor - for more than a couple locations you'll save a lot of money over going with Sonos.

          Alternatively, an iPod touch will run from PoE with an adapter, so you could use those in leiu of keypads.