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wireless Thermostat (2732-422) does not control new micromodules

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  • wireless Thermostat (2732-422) does not control new micromodules

    Using a wireless Thermostat (2732-422) since 2 years. It works correctly and controls 2 heaters, one via a ON/OFF micromodule (2443-422) and the other via a ON/OFF plugin module (2633-422).
    Recently I tried to implement my system by adding two new heaters controlled each by a ON/OFF micromodule (2443-422). It has been impossible to declare the micromodules as responders of the thermostat : acter declaring them, suddenly when "heating" command is sent by the thermostat, the target temperature falls To 02°C and all the 4 modules comme To OFF state.
    It happens each time "heating" is displayed and sent by the thermostat.
    The only solution has been to remove Thermostat as a Controller for the 2 new micromodules.
    Can someone help me To make my thermostat control my 4 heaters, please ?

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    Did you manually link them? If so, where they turned on while linking or set to the off state while linking?

    From your description, it looks like they were "off" during the linking process which is why they turn off instead of "ON".