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How many 2441TH 's can you have on on 222 Hub ?

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  • How many 2441TH 's can you have on on 222 Hub ?

    I currently have a single 2441TH working well. I'd like to have a couple more 2441TH's controlling other zones. Is that possible ? How does the UI on
    the Android app handle multiple, if that's allowed ?

    Thank you very much in advance. Scott

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    I don't believe that there's a practical limit. I'm currently controlling three 2441TH thermostats.

    BTW, -222 is a country identifier, not a Hub identifier. The first four digits represents to particular Hub. Which do you have?
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      The theoretical limit is somewhere north of 200 - though practically you'll run into issues after 3-4 dozen or so without a big Insteon network backing it.