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Unable to communicate with 2441TH

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    Unable to communicate with 2441TH

    Good day,

    I recently upgraded from a Venstar T1900 with Insteon adapter to a 2441TH because the adapter failed. The 2441TH worked great for about a week and then all of a sudden it stopped communicating. I am using an ISY994irpro to run my house (firmware version 5.0.16C if it matters). I contacted Insteon support and was told that the thermostat was likely faulty and to return it to the place of purchase. I received a replacement and installed it today. I linked it to the ISY and then used the software to set the time. I set up some of my preferences using the buttons on the thermostat itself and then manually started my heating program (I am using the ISY to set the heat based on time and occupancy).

    I have a program that turns the furnace fan on once every hour for a few minutes then turn the fan back to auto. The fan turned on and turned off within a couple of seconds. Ever since then I have been unable to communicate with the thermostat.

    The thermostat is mounted on the wall a few feet from a dual band dimmer for the dining room. There is another dual band dimmer a little further away for the pantry that is linked to a wireless door sensor for the pantry. I have about a dozen dual band devices (including the PLM).

    I am at a loss as to what the issue could be. I do not believe that I have received two faulty thermostats in a row. How should I proceed with trouble shooting?