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2441TH Temperature Sensor

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    2441TH Temperature Sensor

    I purchase a wired Insteon thermostat (2441TH) with the hopes of controlling a pool heater. My thought was to hook up the temperature to the water temp and use the heat output for the heater control.

    The only issue I'm running into, is that the probe that that is connected internally on the board (for ambient measurement) appears to be different then the waterproof sensor (2433A3) that is available for the wireless thermostat (no longer available 2441ZTH). I figured they would be the same probe and I could just solder the wireless sensor in the place of the internal sensor. After disconnecting the original sensor and checking it against the remote sensor, they don't seem to be the same. The waterproof sensor appears to the a 10K thermistor, but I get huge ohm readings (Mega OHMs) when checking the original ambient sensor.

    Does anyone know what type of sensor this is? Below is a link to a photo. Circled in red is where it connects to the board. Circled in blue is the sensor.

    I bought the same 2441th to control my pool, I unsoldered the blue sensor as you had, and soldered in a 10K thermistor from an Oregon scientific wireless pool thermometer. It works great, although I did need to adjust the calibration of the 2441 a couple of degrees. Now I need to figure out how to link the mini 8 to my thermostat...