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where is the insteon thermostat compatible with heatpump?

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  • where is the insteon thermostat compatible with heatpump?

    anyone knows what happen with this?

    I need one...

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    lol, I came to the forum to ask this very question. I know Nest was Insteon and heat pump compatible but with Google-Nest change I'm not sure anymore.


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      the heating compagny I work with does not recommand the nest. they tried it a few times with heat pump and they had issues.


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        I would really like to stick with insteon. simple. on app...
        so where is the insteon thermostat for heat pump?


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          That was discontinued quite some time ago


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            I can't find any heat pump compatible thermostats that specifically indicate Insteon compatibility. I talked to Ecobee customer service and they no longer offer an Insteon compatible thermostat. I was unable to determine if the Ventstar Explorer or Color Touch work with Insteon specifically. Their literature just indicates there is home automation compatibility via Z-Wave. I haven't determined if an Insteon hub can see or control a Z-Wave device but I'm leaning to no or limited. Hopefully someone else will chime in on that.
            I have an automatic search on Ebay for a used Insteon 2732-242 thermostat but none have ever surfaced. YMMV


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              The HUB will not do Z-Wave.
              The ISY994i can do Z-Wave if it has the Z-Wave daughter board in it. Along with Insteon and X10.