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Using an Open/Close sensor to turn on the lights

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  • Using an Open/Close sensor to turn on the lights

    I'm trying to understand the relationship between open/close sensors and their ability to turn on the lights in a room. I set up a scene whereby when the front door is open, the lights will turn on in the kitchen. While this does work the second the door closes the lights turn off. Is there a work around? Thanks guys!

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    I'm having the exact same "problem" (recognize that others desire this behavior). I just got off the phone with Insteon Support who said that what you described is the only option. However, I have read other posts where users have gotten it to work...but no luck for me either. It seems like it could work if you could tie the Open/Close Sensor and it's 'state" to a scene then it would work to turn the light on in an open state and turn the light on in a close state thus leaving the light on when you enter a room.


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      I had wondered if it was possible to "calibrate" the sensor open. So like you said it would esstentailly switch the operation, creating a one time switch.

      The other option I had considered was what you had mentioned using the switch as a trigger for a scene which triggers another scene. So even though the door switch triggers the first scene off the second scene stays on as it is not tied directly to the door open/close. but it seems overly complicated for what we are trying to do and I'm assuming there has to be a better way.


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        The Open/Close FW sends On when opened and Off when closed so when you link it in a scene that is how it will react. For what you are describing you should be using the 2844-222 motion sensor but you can get around it if you have a controller like the ISY. You would write a simple program in the ISY that states:

        If Door sensor is opened:

        Then Turn light on
        Wait 5 minutes (or whatever you need)
        Turn Light Off


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          Sean is correct. Insteon devices by themselves only send on/off commands. You would need an insteon manager such as the ISY which allows for conditional programming.


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            thanks for the help. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good writeup on setting up isy?


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              Maybe start with their Wiki

              and You Tube Channel


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                I would also recommend joining their forums.