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Does not turn on both lamp plug in modules in scene.

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  • Does not turn on both lamp plug in modules in scene.

    Basic stuff but it doesn't work. It detects motion and is triggered to turn on both lights... only one... both lights have the same settings... Not happy. And how do you mount the motion sensor? It looks like it should have come with a rectangular slide type piece but they forgot mine...

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    Yes there should have been a mounting bracket supplied with the motion sensor.
    It slides into the rear slot on the unit.

    The bracket is mentioned in the Quick Users Guide. If you can't find the Guide it can be downloaded from the sales page for the motion sensor.
    There is a clear photo of the bracket. In the "Whats Included" photos on its sales page.
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      What are you using to create the links between the MS and the lights. What are the responders?
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